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You can supercharge your local search visibility with our Business Citation Package.

What is a Business Citation?

A Local Citation is the mention of your business name, address, and phone number on a website. They are vital for local search engine optimization (SEO) and will help show up in Google Maps if correct information has been input across all channels. There are many services out there that offer varying results but at some prices; you need someone who knows what they’re doing!

This is where we come in, enjoy our one-time fee and get up to 300 citations with Map and video embeds to drive home your brand.

Product Description

Citations can cost anywhere from $1 to 6+ when outsourced and different companies offer pricing on this range. For 300 citations, that’s up for debate but could be anywhere between 300-2000 depending upon who you work with and how many you order!

That is not all though as there are other services like Yext which offers an easy platform; however, their service only includes 80 websites without any control over them meaning your business may end up recognizing someone else’s brand instead of yours in certain instances.

What do you get with this Business Citation Package?

With our citation service you will get the following:

  • 300 Business Citations – Experience the difference with 300 directories for an incredible price.
  • Google Map Embeds – Sending embedded maps helps your local SEO efforts and improves your rank in Google Maps.
  • Unique Content – It’s been long proven that duplicate content across multiple websites limits it’s returns. Enjoy unique content across each of our 300 listings.
  • Relevant Backlinks – Our custom URL citations include your GMB Category, City, and Business Name for niche relevant goodness.
  • Social Profile Links – Include your biggest social profiles on your listings for more entity building.
  • Schema – Each individual listing is built with the power of Schema to ensure there is no mistake about the entity we are talking about in search engines.

Are Citations Still Relevant?

In the past, they used to be the biggest ranking factor as you simply built more than your competition to rank. While they no longer pack the power they once did they are still an important part of the overall Google My Business and Local SEO Strategy.  With our citation package, we’ve seen results for businesses showing up in maps for brand-related searches in a matter of days.

If there is only one thing you outsource for your digital marketing efforts we suggest purchasing our Business Citation Package!