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Most internet marketing services are expensive, complicated and full of BS. Sixo is different because it’s designed to be easy, affordable, transparent and most importantly deliver results.

Our Internet Marketing Services are actually pretty special.

Our team will handle all aspects of your campaign including website and GMB optimization, content creation, lead generation, social media promotion and link building through proper white hat SEO techniques only!

You’ll be able to see exactly how much traffic you’re receiving from each channel in real time on our exclusive dashboard, allowing you access to valuable data that can help make better business decisions moving forward.

Having all the tools you need in one place is essential for running a successful business. It’s important to be able to streamline your processes and have a cohesive system that works well together. That’s why our platform is so valuable- it has everything you need in one place. There’s no more need to “duct tape” different platforms together- our platform does it all. From managing your finances to marketing your business, our platform has you covered. 

Hear a few words from the people we work with

Jess Worth
Jess Worth
Just wanted to personally thank Darren for helping me launch my local grande prairie website! As a Yoga instructor I am so happy to have chosen to work with him as he’s helped me understand more about the marketing side of it and am starting to see the results from it. If you want a website that brings visitors and buyers to you you won’t be disappointed with Sixo Media
Sandy Lund
Sandy Lund
Thank you Darren! I’ll be honest we didn’t end up working with him but he was more then transparent and provided incredible insight and guidance for my husband/my business. When we’re ready we will be back to work with you for our digital marketing needs, definitely impressed with his professionalism and not pushing for the sale like others we talked to in Grande Prairie. Thanks again 🙂
Bertha Lewis
Bertha Lewis
Can’t thank you enough Darren! The work you’ve done for me and my small startup is nothing shot of extraordinary and will recommend you time and time again to anyone who asks. There is A LOT of web designers in Grande Prairie available and pricing is crazy different from place to place. Felt Darren and his company Sixo Media was at the right price point for my website and he was helpful enough to save me some money so I could put it towards marketing my company instead…I’m glad I did. In under 3 months my phone was ringing more then the past 2 years lol and because of whatever magic he’s done I’ve been able to go full time with my business! Thank you again for all the work you’ve done and if you’re looking for a web designer or marketing company and are still on the fence…HIRE THIS GUY! You won’t regret it!
Louis Bright
Louis Bright
I recently started my own business and wanted to maintain a stronmg online presence. This aim of mine was fulfilled with Sixo Media. I was first worried about the type of services they would provide but later on I was happy and satisifed with the same.
Michael Davis
Michael Davis
They did local SEO for my medical store that had almost zero visibility on the web. I found them approachable and communicative. Their experts did necessary optimization on our website and created a strategy to boost traffic. I got leads just because of their work on it. Would continue working with them.
Thomas Shepard
Thomas Shepard
Managed to work with Darren on a web design/marketing project recently and was very happy with everything he provided. Ill be honest…I didn’t know much about what to expect and he explained it in plain english on where to focus my efforts and how to get my business traffic and business. I’ve talked to other companies in Grande Prairie and Edmonton and can’t praise him enough for his approach and transparency. He helped me save money on my website and then allocate the funds into what mattered most…getting more customers. I was so focused on my website he opened my eyes to what mattered most…having it show up in Google and having people actually find/visit it. Thanks again for your hard work and to our continued success 🙂
Windsor Ford
Windsor Ford
Thank you for all the hard work and feedback from our website and marketing campaigns. Extremely happy with the results and continued results are both our website and increased exposure from Google Maps and Social Media Marketing!
Piers MacDonald
Piers MacDonald
I cannot recommend Sixo Media enough. I worked with Darren and his team on a website from my previous place of employment and they helped nail the design. I was very impressed with the process, Darren is very patient, knowledgeable and understanding through the entire process of building a site, managing website hosting and informing us about the benefits of SEO and how it effected our website design and layout. It was easy to see how passionate he was about his work and you can tell he enjoys seeing his clients be happy and have success from their efforts. There is no doubt I will be working with Sixo Media again in the future should I ever need a website or online marketing! Thanks again for making it easy and not getting frustrated with all of our questions.
Alexander Skinner
Alexander Skinner
Can’t express how wonderful it was to work wit Darren and his team at Sixo Media. When we set out to find a company to build us a website our initial thought was to use a web design company or a monthly subscription like Wix. Having come across Sixo Media by visiting an ad I was impressed with their work and scheduled a simple 15 minute call from the website. I was a little concerned with my deadline approaching to have my project completed but after speaking to Darren all my trepidation disappeared. The first website mockup was done in two weeks and eventually the website was completed in just under a months time. Had I gone with a monthly service and done it myself I may still be trying to get it up and running but with Sixo Media’s expertise I was happy to be up and running online in under a month. Not only did the website look great but it also ranked on the first page of Google after a few weeks following the launch. Will definitely work with them again and have already asked about future marketing packages to get our website to become to marketing tool we need.
Franck Dujardin
Franck Dujardin
Apart from my profession of writing, I am engaged in running a website that deals in providing contents to the publishers. Six O Media helped my website to grow accordingly and maintain a position among the top ten website in Google. I would definitely rate them five stars.

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Our Digital Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the art of getting your websites pages to rank higher then your competitors in search engines like Google. Search is still the biggest way in which people discover content online, ranking higher will lead to an increase in website traffic and ultimately sales.

Local SEO

Google My Business (GMB is a free business listing associated with local businesses and local SEO to provide a presence on search and Google Maps. Today Google My Business has gone far beyond a simple business listing and with an increasing set of features is now considered a core part of any local businesses marketing plans.

Lead Generation & Funnels

Lead generation is crucial for small businesses because it helps them attract potential customers and convert them into actual paying clients. Our marketing and software helps generate leads and convert them to effectively expand their customer base and drive revenue.

Content Creation

Content marketing is a strategic, long-lasting approach used by businesses to attract and retain customers through the creation of relevant content. This strategy can include articles or videos that help establish expertise as well promote brand awareness so when potential buyers are ready they will be searching for what you offer in their search engine results page!

YouTube Marketing

Video is an essential marketing component for all companies these days. The process of creating and uploading video content couldn’t be easier and should be integrated into every marketing plan. Video helps establish your business as an authority but also ties into providing the right signals to Google and YouTube.

Paid Ads on Google & Social

Take your business to the next level with targeted advertising on Google and social media. Reach a wider audience and increase your conversions with the help of paid ads. The benefits are endless.

Getting Your Website and Google My Business Right Is Critical

The problem with SEO and digital marketing is that it’s hard, time consuming and requires a lot of expertise. It can be difficult to know if you’re doing things right or wrong, which makes this process even more frustrating.

Sixo was created specifically for businesses looking to learn how they can improve their SEO ranking and build their online brand on Google and other major search engines.

We’ll provide recommendations about what changes need to be made so you can start improving those rankings today! All of this comes at an affordable price point too.

Choose Your Payment

We provide one affordable price with two options for our entire package of products rolled into one piece of software. Pay annually and get 2 months free.

Local Standard

Unlimited Users
$ 97 Month
  • Automated Reviews
  • SMS, Webchat Messaging
  • 1000 SMS Credits

Local Pro

Unlimited Users
$ 297 Month
  • Everything in Standard
  • 300 Business Listings
  • Custom CRM
  • Booking & Appointments
  • Social Media Scheduling
  • Basic Website
Most Popular

Local Premium

Unlimited Users
$ 497 Month
  • Everything in Local Pro
  • Payments & Invoices
  • Missed Call Automation
  • Automated Lead Generation

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Put your marketing on autopilot and book your leads with our sales funnel and marketing automation system.
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