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Beautiful Web Designs For May 2017

Beautiful Web Designs For May 2017

Our first post for a series as we look to continue highlighting some of the beautiful web design done across the web. Each month we will do a review of five web pages that we fell, due to their design and development, deserve a mention.

We hope that these designs will inspire you to take take the pulse of studies of web design and development and see all it has to offer across the globe.

One by one I will introduce you to our nominees.

Best Web Designs For May 2017

Paper Planes

Best web design for May 2017
High quality visual and very interactive in which emphasizes its ambiance, its chromatic range and its constant and interactive animation.
If you like what you see on the desktop version of the website, be sure to visit and try using the mobile version, this is where the design and development take on a capital importance.

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Sons of Gallipoli

Beautiful Web Designs For May 2017

This website pays special attention to the atmosphere is a website dedicated to a historic event, the battle of Gallipoli. Focused from the point of view of two mothers who see their children turned into soldiers of opposing armies. An incredible experience to watch and learn about, the website provides an epic experience for the user to navigate through the website.

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Beautiful Web Design For May 2017
Specializing in design, Imperio’s website presents its company through a very elegant and at the same time daring web design.

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For Honor – Scars

Top Web Designs for May 2017

Breathtaking design for a website focused on gaming. For Honor – Scars has a wealth of beautiful imagery combined impressive 3D graphics and models the website was built to provide an in depth background for the upcoming release of the game.

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Rainforest Foods Experience

Best May web designs 2017

An incredible journey through the foods of the Rainforest. Having been a big foodie myself it was fun to learn about some of the items in an interactive way. The site is an incredibly large (and somewhat slow) loading beast but the stunning visuals and ambiance of music make it an enjoyable browse.

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Wrapping Up

In the area of ​​web design more focused on interactive experiences we see that they take advantage of all the senses, interactivity, music, atmosphere, animations etc. All these elements are crucial in making the user have a full experience.

Do you have a website you’d like to see featured? Drop a comment below and we’ll take a look at it!

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