Is Yext Worth It?

Investing in Yext could be the missing piece in your digital strategy puzzle. Navigating the online landscape can be challenging, especially when maintaining consistent business information across various platforms. Yext serves as a valuable tool ...

Darren Walker
Posted On: February 29, 2024
Is Yext Worth It

Investing in Yext could be the missing piece in your digital strategy puzzle. Navigating the online landscape can be challenging, especially when maintaining consistent business information across various platforms. Yext serves as a valuable tool for local SEO to ensure that your business details are accurate and up-to-date wherever potential customers may search. By utilizing Yext, you can enhance your online presence, improve your local SEO efforts, and ultimately drive more traffic to your business.

But is Yext worth it? The problem facing Yext for most small businesses is the cost and the misconception of what happens when you stop paying for it. It’s true, citations aren’t as important as they were but they still play an important role in sending the right signals to Google to rank your business.

We’re going to help you make an educated decision but explain why and how we use Yext in all our local SEO campaigns.

Key Takeaways

  • Yext streamlines business location data management for online visibility and search engine rankings.
  • Yext dashboard offers real-time updates and manages suggested edits.
  • Yext analytics provide insights into listing performance across online directories.
  • Yext’s impact on local SEO includes accurate business information, enhanced visibility, and geotargeting benefits.

What Is Yext?

Yext streamlines business location data management efficiently for improved online visibility and search engine rankings. Regarding Yext integration, this tool allows you to maintain control by directly integrating your business NAPW (name, address, phone, website) for accuracy. The Yext dashboard provides a user-friendly interface where you can easily update information in real time and manage suggested edits through the Suggestions feature. With Yext analytics, you can gain valuable insights into how your listings are performing across various online directories.

By automatically updating information across hundreds of platforms, Yext saves time and ensures accuracy. Overall, Yext provides a comprehensive solution for businesses to enhance their online presence and effectively manage their location data.

Key Features of Yext

Discover how businesses can leverage the powerful features of this data management tool to enhance their online presence and streamline location data management effectively.

  1. Feature Comparison:
    Yext offers a detailed feature comparison chart to help businesses understand the differences between various plans and select the one that best suits their needs.
  2. Integration Options:
    Businesses can seamlessly integrate Yext with a variety of platforms and tools, such as Google My Business, Facebook, and Yelp, to ensure consistent data across multiple channels.
  3. Customer Reviews:
    Access real-time customer reviews and ratings within the Yext dashboard to monitor feedback and make informed decisions to enhance customer satisfaction.
  4. Pricing Plans:
    Yext provides transparent pricing plans tailored to different business requirements, offering flexibility and scalability based on the size and goals of the organization.

Benefits of Using Yext

Wondering how using Yext can enhance your business’s online presence and streamline location data management effectively?

Straight from Google’s Developer portal for search.

Google algorithms find information, like your site’s name, corporate contact information, and social profiles, that is publicly available on the web. You can update or provide more information for your site for broader reach and recognition in Search results. If you’re verified as an official representative, you can update your Google knowledge panel to override the information Google finds automatically.

By utilizing Yext, you can benefit from advantages such as improved business listings, enhanced digital presence, increased online visibility, SEO benefits, and efficient listing management. Yext ensures that your business information remains consistent and up-to-date across over 100 platforms.

It acts as a central hub for making instant and simple changes, eliminating duplicate listings, and providing local listing analytics for online searches. Through Yext, you can create Enhanced Listings with diverse content to attract more customers.

This tool not only boosts your SEO efforts but also drives online traffic to your business. Overall, by leveraging Yext, you can effectively manage your business listings, optimize your digital presence, and enhance your online visibility, ultimately leading to improved SEO performance and streamlined listing management.

How Yext Improves Local SEO

Understanding the benefits of using Yext sets the stage for appreciating its impact on local SEO strategies. As you delve into the functionalities of Yext, you’ll discover its pivotal role in enhancing your business’s online presence. As local SEO has changed over the last ten years the reliance on citations has become less, but according to studies it still counts for about 10% of the overall ranking strategy.

Consistency in your brand is important, which is exactly how Yext can help.

When utilizing Yext, you can expect the following benefits:

  1. Strengthens Online Presence: Consistent and accurate listings across the web solidify your business’s online footprint, making it easier for customers to discover you.
  2. Ensures Business Listings Accuracy: Yext audits and updates your listings to maintain accuracy, which is crucial for trust and reliability in the eyes of both customers and search engines.
  3. Improves Citation Accuracy: By managing your citations effectively, Yext ensures that your business information is consistent across the internet, which is a key factor in local SEO success.

Making Yext Affordable For Your Local SEO Efforts

So…how do we answer: is Yext worth it for our small single-location business? Truth be told it isn’t when you’re purchasing directly through them. The secret is finding a reliable re-seller.

Yext pricing

Current Yext Pricing

Considering your budget constraints and the importance of maximizing local SEO efforts, exploring cost-effective strategies to leverage Yext for your business is essential. With the pricing above you’ll be looking at $500 to $1000 per year which can add up.

Don’t worry, here’s how we use Yext for our clients through two specific resellers and why we choose one over the other.

High Level

High Level is the perfect complement to your local business. It eliminates all the unnecessary subscriptions businesses have (Mailchimp, Hootsuite etc) and packs everything into one affordable marketing solution. We use it every day in our business.

What’s it have to do with Yext? High Level is a licensed reseller of Yext. Through their platform, you can sign up and pay a far cheaper price per month. We currently pay $30 per month for this and get everything we would (and more) with Yext.

Local SEO’s who have used Yext in the past often complain about their data being held hostage or getting reverted back to the previous address. This isn’t the case. Yext provides a solution. That solution is an API to all these listings and data providers. When you cancel your subscription Yext doesn’t change or revert the previous information.

When your listings change after cancellation this is due to the listing provider.


SEMRush is another reselling provider that uses Yext with its listing management service. You’ll need a SEMRush pro subscription and for each location you manage listings for you’ll be charged $20 per location. Unfortunately, right now this option is only available in the United States and Australia. If you’re in either of these countries and use SEMRush for your data analysis then this solution is a no-brainer.

As an agency located in Canada we use HighLevel, not only does it provide listing management but we use it every day for our marketing with it’s CRM, email marketing, automation etc.

Yext Alternatives

If you’re fed up with Yext, some alternatives offer good control and flexibility in managing your business listings, consider the following options.


  1. Pricing Comparison: BrightLocal provides a more customized solution at a lower price point compared to Yext, potentially saving businesses a significant amount over time.
  2. Customized Solutions: BrightLocal tailors its offerings to meet the specific needs of individual businesses, offering true listings flexibility for every budget, unlike Yext’s templated approach.
  3. Industry Specific Listings: BrightLocal uncovers niche industry-specific sites crucial for certain businesses, whereas Yext’s network is more limited in scope.
  4. Local Marketing Tools: BrightLocal offers a suite of local marketing tools designed to enhance your local marketing strategies, including direct connections to major listing platforms, unlike Yext which lacks local rank tracking and other local-specific analytics tools.


  • Lowest Price: Outsourcing your citations will ultimately be the cheapest solution as opposed to doing them yourself. Finding a reliable provider can help but you’re still going to need to pay. Reliable providers typically price from $20 and up depending on the number of listings.
  • Indexing Issues: In theory this may seem like the best route but you still need to find a way to get your citations picked up and indexed by Google.
  • Potential Loss Of Logins: This has happened to us before. We needed to update listings and tried logging into profiles with email accounts that were setup remotely. Guess what, they didn’t work and we were left with a bigger job then before.
  • Low Quality: You get what you pay for. At $20 you likely won’t get the best work but it will get done.
  • Verifications: The directories you want to be on (Yellowpages, Yelp, SquareSpace etc) all require verification. A lot of outsourcing won’t have this capability.

Doing Your Citations Manually

  1. Cost Effective: If you don’t have the capital or don’t want to get tied into a monthly service then doing your citations manually is just fine. You may even find some more niche-specific listings the aforementioned services haven’t. But this is time-consuming and redundant and by the end of it you’ll likely wish you had paid someone to do it.
  2. Control: Complete control over your listings. This includes the accounts they belong to, what categories, content and more.
  3. Time: If you value time over money then doing citations manually isn’t right. In 5 minutes you can submit via Yext and have access to 30+ high powered directories mentioning your business. On the other hand it may take you 30 days to complete and verify doing it manually.

Should I Use Yext For My Small Business

Should you consider using Yext for your small business’s online presence? If maintaining an accurate and consistent online presence across multiple platforms is crucial for your business and you value your time, then Yext might be the solution you’re looking for. With its ability to instantly update your business listings across more than 50 directories, you can ensure your information is always current, boosting your local search visibility.

For businesses that frequently change locations or have multiple branches, Yext offers the flexibility needed to adapt to your changing needs. Plus, by connecting with one of our mentioned resellers above you can do so cost-effectively. In essence, investing in Yext could be a strategic move to enhance your small business’s online presence, manage your reputation better, and ultimately, drive more customers to your door.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What happens when I cancel my Yext Subscription?
A. Straight from the source: Yext does not hold your data hostage. Cancelling your Yext subscription does not overwrite the updates you have made through Yext, and Yext will not force your listings to revert. If you cancel your subscription, Yext no longer sends your digital knowledge to the sites in our network. Afterwards, your data becomes subject to the normal compilation process of each publisher, which may result in your listings changing over time.

Q. Is Yext Available In Canada?
A. Yes, Yext is available in Canada!

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