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At Long Last

At Long Last

After spending the past few months getting everything ready to go I’m proud to say that Sixo Media is finally open for business. While business has somewhat been on going since the company was officially registered on May 1st I’ve been diligently trying to get the website up to speed and having all my social media accounts ready as well.

Regardless, things are a go!

If you’ve stumbled across this quick introduction as to what this company is about I’ll give you a brief rundown.

Helping Businesses (and Individuals) rank in search

It’s becoming an ever important part of your online business. In many years past having a website was a big step and considered all you’d need to join the revolution of getting your name out there online. You could sell products, blog, advertise your business all by adding a link to your website or by word of mouth. The reality of it was unless you had some extremely unique market chances are people weren’t finding you online.

Now a days any business looking to put their stamp on the internet almost certainly will need a marketing professional or full time team to track what’s happening with their companies website. Search Engines changes monthly and chances are you probably don’t want to have to worry about running your business and keeping up to date with all the procedure of making sure your companies website isn’t being penalized, thus creating a drop in rankings and of course a loss in business.

Sixo Media can relieve the headache and help you climb in search and keep you there with the proper techniques.

Web and Graphic Design

Having essentially worked in the field for the past 8 years or so it only seemed fitting that this would be apart of the business. I’ll be completely blunt. I love designing…almost as much as I love online marketing. I’ve seen all kinds of clients and worked with all sorts of companies the past 10 years and everyone tends to have their own style which is one of the more enjoyable things about the business.

And Finally…

Having grown up in the Grande Prairie and surrounding area most my life I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with a lot of great people. Needless to say I’m looking forward to building on those customer relationships with Sixo Media.

The blog section of the website will primarily serve as both a learning tool and an informative one in regards to this industry. Looking forward to interacting with any and all people and look forward to answer any questions some might have.

Until next time!

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We provide one affordable price with two options for our entire package of products rolled into one piece of software. Pay annually and get 2 months free.

Local Pro

Unlimited Users
$ 297 Month
  • Automated Reviews
  • 300 Business Listings
  • Custom CRM
  • Booking & Appointments
  • Social Media Scheduling

Local Pro

Unlimited Users
$ 2970 Year
  • Everything in monthly+
  • FREE Small Business Website
  • GMB Optimization
  • 1x Press Release
$297 One Time Setup Fee